Introducing: Helpside Basketball

Without a doubt, basketball has become a global game. The NBA registrated 108 international players from an all-time-high 42 countries last season and now we also see more and more coaches from ‘overseas’ (deservedly) gaining interest from the 30 franchises. In addition to that, the Euroleague has underlined its status as the second-best league in the world producing European superstars on a yearly basis. The Eurocup could go in its most competitive season ever in 2018/19 and also the Basketball Champions League makes tons of steps forward with the addition of some high-level clubs.

With all that in mind, we think there could be no better time to finally launch our new European basketball consultancy and website called “Helpside Basketball”. In this very first article we want to explain our thoughts behind this project, what brought us here and most important who we are.

“Helpside Basketball” is the project of three basketball enthusiats from Germany who are trying to offer new views on the European game. We have worked in different parts of the sport over the last years and now want to combine our experiences and knowledge to create somthing unique. To learn more about us and our individual backgrounds, just visit the page “Who we are“.
The idea of “Helpside Basketball” can be divided into two main parts: On the one hand there is the consultancy, on the other there is the website with its content. For the consultancy, we are aiming to work with clients who are either just looking to get input and second opinions from outside or who really want to step up their game when it comes to scouting and stats. We’ve listed everything we offer at “Consulting“. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as we want to create an offer thats suits your needs as we already did in the past.

Our main goal for the website is to provide some smart basketball content that you won’t find anywhere else. This goes from scoutings on specific players or explanations of certain plays to full reports or playbooks. Anybody that wants to dive deeper into the in and outs of European basketball should definitely find something on here. With that being said, our focus completely lies on quality rather than quantity. So we are not trying to cover any leagues in a journalistic manner but rather touch on a variety of topics related to scouting and X’s & O’s – no matter from what teams or leagues in Europe this may be.

To illustrate that we also got our video-section which you’ll find on our YouTube-channel. It’s already filled with tons of minutes of scouting and setplays. We are looking to update the channel regularly to bring you some fresh insights on how the European game develops during the season and what certain interesting players are doing.
Finally we want to note that the whole content you’ll find here will be without any advertisments or paywalls, it’s just for the love of the game and also for you to get a glimpse at the work we are a doing behind the scenes. Now, without further ado, we invite you to check out our – already filled – website and of course also send us your feedback. We are always open to exchange ideas and talk some hoops. Just use the contact information that you’ll find at the bottom of the page or reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.

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