Playbook: Barca In The ‘El Clásico’

Barcelona got away with a big win on Sunday when they faced Real Madrid for the infamous ‘El Clásico’. Thanks to a great showing from Kyle Kuric (16 points) and a few huge threes in the second half, Barca won the game with 86:69.
This puts them on top of the Spanish ACB, one game in front of Baskonia and Real Madrid.

In this “mini-playbook”, we compiled all of the most important actions that Barca ran in this game but which were also a regular part of their halfcourt-offense in lots of other matches. Headcoach Svetislav Pesic has some nice sets that create good spread pick & roll options for Ante Tomic and also space for American sharpshooter Kyle Kuric.

For the detailed diagrams of all plays in one PDF-document, JUST CLICK HERE.

In case you want to see those X’s & O’s in action, we also have the full video-playbook below. Enjoy!

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