Scouting: Kevarrius Hayes

Name: Kevarrius Hayes
Date of Birth: 5th of March 1997
Nationality: USA
Height: 2,06m
Weight: 103 kg
Pro since: 2019
Club: Pallacanestro Cantu
Role: Rim-runner
Key Skills: Mobility + Athleticism, Overall defense


Overseas rookie Kevarrius Hayes (2.06m) is averaging 9.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 2.5 blocks in 29 minutes for Cantu this season. The 23-year-old Hayes is known as a ferocious shot blocker and has made himself a name in Italy thanks to his athleticism and motor.


Mobility and athleticism. Lob target and above the rim finisher on offense. Great lateral and vertical movement on defense. Really fast and agile for his size.
Good rebounder. Double double threat. Emphasizes boxing out, always tags his man. Great leaping ability and high energy player. Pursues the ball at the offensive glass.

Defense! Amazing shot blocker. Recovers extremely well, explosive leaper. Long arms. 2.5 blocks per game in less than 30 minutes! Alters or blocks shots at the rim almost any time he’s nearby.

Great pick and roll defender too. Finds the right balance between staying on the floor and blocking shots.

Communicator. High IQ on defense. Hustle-Player. Maniac at setting screens on offense, always sprints to the ball. Great transition offense and defense. Always there to grab offensive rebounds, cleans the glass. Plays with 100% energy and passion, even when the game is out of reach.


Inside Game. Not strong and physical enough to seal his man and be an inside force yet. Long and athletic, but not someone who can get his position under the rim at will. Needs to make his presence felt more after rolling to the rim and sealing his man.
Not the best hands. Touch around the rim is getting better, but still far from great. Misses easy shots inside the paint.
Screen Setting. Needs to hold his screens longer and free his ballhandler more room. Looks like he slips the screen sometimes but actually he isn’t. Needs to make more contact. Guys are going through him at times, pushing him away. Could add some more pounds to his frame. Looked physically overmatched against big guys like Watt, Vidmar or Bilan at the beginning of the season, but already made big strides and gained weight. Ongoing process.

Contribution and versatility on offense. Excels as a defender and rebounder, but not as a midrange scorer, playmaker or as an off-ball player. Sometimes he’s even too energetic and needs to pick his spots more. Not his primary job to score and facilitate, but could do more damage in those areas. Needs to be more effective, especially after the short roll. Takes some elbow jumpers, but percentage has to improve.


Will most likely succeed on almost any level going forward with his athleticism, his energy and his work ethic. If teams are following him closely, they definitely will offer him some money. BCL, EC, maybe even lower-budget EL teams like Kaunas should try to sign him. Needs a situation, where he can learn and get better. Elite defender and not even close to a finished product. Body, shooting, how to move off the ball, screen setting, touch around the rim – there’s a lot of untapped potential in him. Which is scary…

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