Scouting: Tyler Stone

Name: Tyler Stone
Date of Birth: 8th of September 1991
Nationality: USA
Height: 2,03m
Weight: 104 kg
Pro since: 2014
Club: Happy Casa Brindisi
Role: Versatile Big
Key Skills: Transition, Versatile Scoring + Defending, Passing


28-year-old American Power Forward, that can play the 3 and 5 too. 15 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists in 30 mins of action in Serie A and BCL. 42.7% FG, 29.4% 3FG, 72.2% FT. Offensive talent. Versatile.
Had an incredible first half of the season, but kind of lost steam over the last couple of weeks, resulting in a desastrous Final Eight weekend, where he went 1 of 15 from three over three games.
Still someone that is only a reliable shot away from being really, really good.


Pushes the ball in transition after grabbing the rebound. Finds open teammates, initiates actions as the ballhandler and is quick with the ball in his hands. Serious grab and go threat.

Versatile scorer. Can score in transition, via isolation or as a spot up/pnp option. Even runs pick and roll as a ballhandler. Likes to face up, not a big post-up guy. Can pull up. Scores with either hand. Beats his man going to the rim, uses between the legs crossovers. Way too quick for traditional bigs. Great offensive package, including good ballhandling for his size.

Versatile on defense. Can play and defend 3 to 5 and switch out onto guards. Not an elite defender, but guards multiple positions and holds his own.

Underrated passer. Good entry passes with either hand, transition dishes, above average live dribble reads in halfcourt play. Ability to make highlight plays too. 2.1 assists per game. Could even do more with more pick and roll actions or more off screen actions for teammates with him as a distributor from the post.


Efficient shooting. Only 29.4% from deep. Was and maybe always will be his achilles heel. Shooting form looks a little bit strange, has trouble maintaining his shooting rhythm. Confidence comes and goes. Can heat up, but is really streaky. Had stretches where he couldn’t buy a bucket from deep at all. Takes almost 6 threes a game. Shooting splits from deep this season:
9/18 3FG [50%] (first 2 games)
2/26 3FG [7.7%] (next 6 games)
8/43 3FG [18.6%] (9 games after that)
39/94 3FG [41.5%] (mid-season 13 games, hot shooting)
4/32 3FG [12.5%] (last 6 games)

Traditional PnR defense + activity on defense. Fairly good when he can switch in PnR situations, but has trouble defending in space and dropping back. Can hedge and recover, but playing old school PnR defense isn’t his strong suit. Rarely goes all out on defense too, has some moments where he looks lazy and trots around. Not a hustle player on defense, needs to be more active.

Rim Protection. Only 0.5 blocks per 30 minutes. Needs to be more physical under the rim. Not much of a weakside help defender/shot blocker.
Spacing awareness. Wanders around at times, tries to find his spots. Takes away angles. Tends to drift into the midrange area, especially when his outside shot isn’t falling.


Tyler Stone oozes with talent. His combination of size, ballhandling, passing and overall scoring makes him one of the most intriguing players to watch this year. He can push the tempo, he can play within the system, he can score. If he has a season where he’s hitting 35% from deep while actually maintaining his other abilities? Euroleague player, no question. But will he’ll be able to ever make that leap?

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