Playbook: Thorsten Leibenath (ratiopharm Ulm)

Our new playbook on Helpside Basketball takes us through the last decade of the German Basketball Bundesliga. We compiled 50 plays (halfcourt offense, late game situations and out of bounds) from Thorsten Leibenath’s eight years of coaching ratiopharm Ulm (2011-2019) in the BBL and Eurocup. During this time, they made it to the BBL finals twice (2012, 2016) and had one of the most impressive seasons ever when they started the 2016/17-campaign with 27 wins a row which is still a league record.

In this free playbook, you’ll get lots of nice actions with a good combination of quick hitters and more complex stuff – especially out of HORNS and with dribble handoffs. And as they had some very dominant low-post players over the years (John Bryant, Raymar Morgan, Augustine Rubit), you’ll definitely find great ways on how to create for those.

To open and download the playbook: CLICK HERE.


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