Scouting: Steve Vasturia

Name: Steve Vasturia
Date of Birth: 10th of February 1995
Nationality: USA
Height: 1,96m
Weight: 96 kg
Pro since: 2017
Club: RASTA Vechta
Role: Versatile Wing / Point Forward
Key Skills: On-ball creation, Passing, Basketball IQ


Steve Vasturia is a 25-year-old versatile guard/wing who had his second stint in the German BBL last season. Coming out of Notre Dame College, he signed with ALBA Berlin in the middle of the 2017/18-campaign. They just wanted to strengthen their backcourt and didn’t have the biggest role for him, so he only appeared in one BBL- and one Eurocup-game. Trying to make a name for himelf in Europe, Vasturia joined Palencia in the second Spanish division for the next season and proved that he can be an intriguing two-way player. This brought him back to the BBL and the FIBA Champions League where he played with RASTA Vechta last year, averaging 13.4 points, 3.8 rebounds and 4.9 assists while shooting 36% from three. The jump to Zalgiris Kaunas and Euroleague would definitely be a bigger one but it also wouldn’t be the first time that Saras Jasikevicius shows that he can help such players make it to next level.


On-ball creation. Due to his versatility, Vasturia is able to play multiple positions and in different roles. He is often listed as a “shooting guard” but played in Vechta as a “small forward” most of the time, as they had Max DiLeo and Trevis Simpson as their guards. But these positions don’t make a lot of sense in that context because he just doesn’t play like a 2 or 3 or whatever. He can bring the ball up if needed but also excels when he comes around screens first to receive the ball and then run the offense. Vasturia is a super smart creator on the ball, observing the court like a point guard and using his size and passing skills to his advantage.

When he wants to create a shot for himself, Vasturia usually needs a good screen to create seperation and make his moves. He has a nice floater-package and knows how to get his layups up against rim-protectors.

Passing/Courtvision. As already explained, Vasturia has a great combination of size and passing/courtvision. He will find solutions in transition and in the paint or read plays on the go.

Smart teamdefense. Due to his physical profile, Vasturia won’t become the greatest 1-on-1 defender. He is laterally rather slow and cannot really keep up with quick guards after switching and is not physical enough to battle with big 3’s in the post. But still, the 25-year-old finds ways to impact the game on the defensive end as he is a very smart teamdefender that knows when and how to make the right rotations. He is always active on his feet, likes to stunt to make players pick up the ball early and recovers well on closeouts.

Basketball IQ. Pretty much sums everything up you have read and seen above. Just a really smart player with good decisions and few mistakes on both sides of the floor. Should be able to adapt to a new system pretty quickly and play within the team without having to be the star.


Athleticism/Lateral quickness. Vasturia is more of a crafty player that beats opponents with clever cuts or nice moves around the basket. He is not athletic or powerful when finishing and obviously doesn’t play above the rim. This holds him back from becoming an even more efficient scorer as you can see below in the video on his finishing.

Finishing. Shot only 42.7% from the field in the BBL this season. Doesn’t always gets to the spots where he wants because of the lack of burst. Has problems attacking “mismatches” againt quicker bigs who can keep up with him and block his shots. All in all not an isolation-player, needs at least a screen to be effective.

Three-point shooting upside. For the second season in a row, Vasturia’s three-point percentage ranks around the 36% mark. Definitely not a bad number but it also doesn’t make you a knock-down shooter. With Vechta this was not a problem as he played on the ball a lot and could use his other strengths but in a loaded team like Zalgiris there could be others handling the ball with Vasturia having to find more solutions off the catch. This will be interesting to follow.


Steve Vasturia definitely had a good season in BBL and Champions League with RASTA Vechta. His stats might not indicate the impact he had on their game and don’t make him the most obvious choice when thinking about new Euroleague players for next season. But if those reports happen to be true it would be just a player you’d expect Zalgiris Kaunas to sign. He probably won’t score in double-digits in his first Euroleague-season but can make an impact on the defensive end and play as a creative and smart wing within the system on offense. Just what you expect from a valuable role-player on your roster.

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