Advanced Statistics

There is already some data and statistics available in European basketball. To extend the level of insights a box-score offers by a large margin, we provide you with different analytical tools. These can be understood as a second pair of glasses to consult in addition to your basketball knowledge and considerable experience.
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Player Evaluation, Comparison & Development Monitoring || Lineup & Player Synergies || Live In-Game Evaluation || Spatial Shooting Analysis || Scouting Data Management || Roster Fit

Player-Evaluation, Comparison & Development Monitoring

  • Evaluate, compare and analyze players in their personal development using metrics to cover different aspects of their game
  • Statistics as a second opinion for roster planning, scouting, in-season player evaluation or opposing teams
  • Example: Our Player Similarity Model applies artificial intelligence to enhance scouting large player databases and find the player you need. View a demo here…

Lineup & Player Synergies

  • Analyzing lineup and player combinations fosters the assessment of collective level performances
  • Hidden patterns, positive or negative lineups combinations can be identified
  • Example: Which players to best combine in the front court, who is beneficiary to a certain lineup, who is not? How does your team perform if #2 and #4 are on court and #1 and #3 benched?

Spatial Shooting Analysis

  • Available data, metrics and visualizations support more detailed information than commonly used approaches (e.g. FG%)
  • Offers important insight to shooting behavior, spatial patterns and efficiency
  • Example: Shot charts assist to analyze both volume and efficiency of a player from any given spot on the court

Live In-game Evaluation

  • Why not step analytics up the court, live, during competition?
  • Potential to deliver intuitive data and visualizations to the bench via a personalized app on tablet or during halftime

Scouting Data Management

  • Structured data storage are vital for a productive and efficient scouting process
  • Databases and scouting systems can be developed to fit individual scouting habits; to allow you adding scouting notes from your smartphone while watching games

Roster Fit

  • Tries to use methods from machine learning to predict a fit of players without these players ever having together on the court before
  • Using such a method could potentially foster roster scouting and designing rosters or player additions during the season

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