Scouting is a process, it’s not something that happens overnight or even over one season. If you really want to step up your scouting-game, let us work together and follow a long-term plan that helps us getting more information and making even better projections on your preferred players. You benefit by making smarter decisions and building something bigger with your club. If that sounds good to you, scroll through our different services or just click on your preferred one.

Long-term Scouting || Live Scouting || Scouting Cards & Reports || Scouting Database

Long-term Scouting

  •  We believe in a long-term approach when it comes to scouting players
  •  Best case is following a prospect from a young age and over multiple seasons to be able to make stable predictions on his future potential and role

Live Scouting

  •  We value the opportunity to watch players live in the arena to get a better look at on-court behaviours, warm-up routines etc.
  •  As this can be tough for a coaching staff during the season, we help you out by watching your preferred games of this player live
  •  A full report with our notes and thoughts from these games will be delivered to you right after the games

Scouting Cards & Reports

  •  Our observations will be compiled in our scouting cards and reports which evolve over the course of a season
  •  The “Scouting Cards” will give you a broad overview of the player with general information, strengths, weaknesses, valuable context and stats
  •  The “Scouting Reports” provide an in-depth look with detailed explanation of strengths and weaknesses as well as background information, histoy of injuries, statistical comparisons and much more

Scouting Database

  •  Successfull scouting is only possible with the access to a growing scouting database
  •  We assist you building your own database with our knowledge in IT and scouting