Video Analysis

With tons of practices and games per week, reviewing games, cutting clips and preparing for the next opponent(s) can become a pretty time-consuming work. This is where Helpside Basketball comes in and helps you out with experience in tactical breakdowns and video editing. Not only does this allow you to manage your time better, it also delivers you an objective opinion from well-trained eyes outside your club. Dive deeper into our services by scrolling through the different aspects or just click on your preferred one below. 

Game Analysis || Opposition Scouting || Playbook Database || Player Analysis

Game Analysis

  •  Breaking down full games into clips singling out the good parts and the areas to improve in consultation with the coaching staff
  •  Analysing specific tactical areas/problems of a team over a number of games with the help of game footage
  •  Our experience in video editing helps us making the clips quick, straightfoward and easy to understand for the players

Opposition Scouting

  •  Breaking down the latest games from the upcoming opponent(s) for your game preperation
  •  Divided into strengths and weaknesses from all players and the team as a whole
  •  As well as the most important setplays divided into specific game situations (Halfcourt, SLOB, BLOB, ATO, EOG,…)

Playbook Database

  •  Assisting you with our database of X’s & O’s from across Europe (Playbooks, actions for special situations etc.)
  •  Possibility of creating playbooks from your opponents for your staff, players etc. with easy-to-understand diagrams and explanations

Player Analysis

  •  Breaking down film of specific players for your game preperation or scouting process
  •  In-depth look at strengths, weaknesses and future potential of the player
  •  Well-edited clips with animations and explanations to get the best overview possible