Playbook: 2019 FIBA World Cup

Our 2019 FIBA World Cup playbook contains around 150 actions from all 32 participating countries. From halfcourt-sets to out of bounds-plays and special situations, we got you covered with everything we saw over the last two weeks in China.


Playbook: Arturs Visockis-Rubenis (FIBA U18 Europe 2018)

Latvia’s U18-team was a lot of fun at FIBA U18 Europe 2018. We compiled a full playbook with all of their most common actions that created such great looks for Arturs Zagars or Arturs Kurucs.


Playbook: Andrea Trinchieri (2015-18)

After three years of collecting plays, I decided to put together this playbook for everyone interested in the offense of Andrea Trinchieri. The playbook contains more than 50 sets that he ran during his title-runs with Brose Bamberg from 2015 to 2018!